If you’re reading this…

6 Nov

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re happy.  

I hope that you find everything you’ve ever wanted, because you deserve it.  

I hope you know that.



28 Oct

The break made cleanly,

you’ve disappeared completely.

You’re in all I see.


18 Oct

I stood and watched the tears begin.

Each one filled to the brim with years 

of pain, and anger, but mostly


I couldn’t move, only watch

as each one followed the path

laid down by those first

brave few.

They grew heavier with every inch

until they reached their fatal end.

They gathered at your chin, 

and held on.

With all the strength that they possessed, 

they fought against their certain death.

I was stronger than your tears.


I let go.

Apologies for my eyes

18 Oct

Forgive my staring eyes.

They are my only resort

in times when the touch

of your skin, 

the taste 

of your kiss,

begins to fade.

They are my only respite

from the longing for you.